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We are a leading orthodontist in North Providence, RI and we are committed to offering outstanding service and a comfortable experience that will leave you with a smile. Trust us to make your orthodontic experience truly enjoyable.

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Discover Unique Orthodontic Treatment in North Providence

Discover a unique orthodontic experience in North Providence. We are Providence's best orthodontist and provide specialized treatments for optimal dental health and creating a confident smile. Dr. Barone leads our dedicated team, assuring your comfort at all times. We design our treatments according to your specific needs, starting with personalized consultations. We combine cutting-edge methods to produce exceptional outcomes.

With us, you'll have a customized path to a healthier, more beautiful smile. Come to North Providence to transform your smile and start on a unique path to better oral health. Your journey to a brighter smile begins right here.

Meet the Most Skilled Orthodontist for Your Smile

Meet Dr. Barone, Providence's best orthodontist . From start to finish, he ensures your comfort and takes excellent care of your smile. Using modern technology, he creates tailored treatments that drive the best results. What sets our practice apart is our ability to personalize your orthodontic care to your satisfaction and our commitment to your dental health. Your path to a flawless smile begins here. 

What Sets us Apart?

Expert Team

Expert Orthodontist

Dr. Barone, our skilled orthodontist, guides your treatment with special skills.

unique needs

Unique Needs

During each step of the process, we focus on your individual needs to provide personalized care.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

We use modern technology and techniques that drive the best results. 

Comfort Matters

Comfort Matters

From your first visit to the end of your treatment, we care about your comfort.



We are committed to providing a comfortable orthodontic experience while caring for your smile.  

How Can Our Orthodontist in Providence Assist You?

Our orthodontist in Providence is here to enhance your smile. If you want straighter teeth, we've got solutions. After checking your dental needs, our skilled team will create a personalized plan for you. We offer a variety of treatment options including braces and clear aligners and our goal is to ensure your comfort and happiness throughout treatment. We value your health and want you to have a great experience. Let us design a confident and beautiful smile for you!

We Offer Orthodontic Services in North Providence

Get quality orthodontic services in North Providence and other locations. Our skilled team is here to help you achieve a healthy smile with personalized care.

Areas we Serve

Providence, East Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Foster, Scituate, Johnston, Cranston, Warwick

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02825, 02857, 02815, 02911, 02823, 02907, 02860, 02904, 02908, 02863, 02886

North Providence

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General Questions

What's the duration of orthodontic treatment?

It generally ranges from 18 to 24 months.

Are there age limitations for orthodontic services?

No, orthodontic services are accessible to individuals of all ages.

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